The Magic of Las Vegas

Council Report: Magic and the Mob

To: Las Vegas Warden
From: Simon Tellerman
Subject: Magic and the Mob Report

I recently took on a job doing some investigations into some magical events bothering the Russian Mob that a friend of mine asked me to help him look into.  Most of it is not worth Council intervention.

1) A supply shop has been siphoning energy from crowds viewing animal actors. [Shop details provided here, but I didn't write it down.] Nothing against the Laws of Magic, however.

2) A college kid has been accidently infusing drinks with luck spells.  I've sent him off for training with Xavier Kristoffsen.  He is strongly advised not to return to Las Vegas as the mob doesn't like him.

3) A pair of ghosts have been haunting a new wing in the Lucky Chance casino.  Professional exorcists have been hired.


Targilnar dhrelva

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