The Magic of Las Vegas

Council Report: Zombies sighted

Necromancer at large

To: Las Vegas Warden
From: Simon Tellerman
Subject: Zombies sighted, necromancer escaped

I was at a local awards ceremony tonight when one of the entertainers marched out some real zombies onto the stage. The caster lost control. The majority of the non-practitioners were evacuated with a fire alarm and I have already started using ‘fire emergency’ to explain what happened. Four other stuck around and witnessed everything – an illusionist named Calixus, the proprietor of that On a Roll curio shop, a mob guy, and a tiger trainer stuck around. The first two are definitely practitioners, though only Goodwin was previously known to the Council. There was, unfortunately, one mortal casualty, but the good news is that he was not also turned into a zombie. Everyone else escaped, including the necromancer, but between me and the mob guy, we put down all of the zombies. Calixus assisted with the evacuation and occupied some of the zombies with fake people to chase. The tiger trainer and the shop proprietor did not do much, but they did remain calm in the face of zombies and did not make our job harder. I have spoken to the witnesses briefly to coordinate our cover story, and have set up a meeting for tomorrow at Accorded Neutral Grounds to better explain what they saw. You may attend if you like. 9 AM.

More urgently, as I mentioned, the necromancer got away while we were still containing the zombies, so you may need to look into that. He was [pretend there is a physical description here as I don’t recall what he looked like but Simon ought to]. I believe Goodwin took the sorcerer’s drums, so that should be helpful in tracking him down.


Targilnar dhrelva

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