Paul Stone

Devout Mob Enforcer


High Concept: Devout Mob Enforcer
Trouble : The Red Court wants me dead
Aspect 1: It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it

Suburb +5 Conviction, Fists
Great +4 Endurance, Might
Good +3 Empathy, Athletics
Fair +2 Alertness, Guns
Average +1 Rapport, Drive


Paul was raised by Cheng and Min Shi. They had just moved to America and opened their Hung Gar dojo in Henderson, just south of Las Vegas. Their biological daughter, Chao, was two years old when they took in Paul, he was somewhere between one and two. They’ve never told him why they took him in, or what the situation was, and he never cared enough to ask. They raised him as their own, and it was a good childhood.

Growing up, he lived in the dojo. He had to, while he quickly outclassed the best of the students that came to learn, he could never get the upper hand on his sister. Chao was always just a little bit faster, a little bit smarter, just a little bit better. It drove him onward and upward, at least in the dojo. Most other aspects of his life suffered. After barely scraped through high school graduation, and a minor falling out with his parents about his future, he headed off to the big city to do great things.

A few small jobs and a minor criminal record later found him in the employ of the Russian mob. They loved his skill set and gave him all kinds of jobs around the city. He became proficient with handheld firearms, and maneuvering motor vehicles.

Paul Stone

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