Abigail "Jewel" Quincy

Vegas Showgirl, Single Mom


High Concept: Vegas Showgirl, Single Mom
Trouble: Pressed for Time and Money


Abigail Quincy, stage name Jewel, is a dancer at the Golden Goose Hotel and Casino. Her troupe performs 7:30-8:45, in the slot before Simon the Magnificent!

She has two kids, Karen (13) and Sullivan (9), who she loves dearly. She’s been a single mom for about eight years. Sully doesn’t remember his father, which she counts as a good thing, the two timing bastard.

She’s dating her casino’s resident magician, who she met backstage between their acts. Simon is a very charming fellow and good with her kids. Sully in particular looks up to him a lot, though Karen, at thirteen, has given her blessing as well (“He’s not a total loser, Mom, and his show’s pretty good.”)

Abigail "Jewel" Quincy

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