Regina Pierce

White Council Curmudgeon


High Concept: White Council Curmudgeon
Trouble: Bound to a Wheelchair


Regina Pierce is an established member of the White Council. She has aspirations to join the Senior Council but isn’t there yet.

Her father before her was also a wizard, though her mother was not. She inherited the talent for magic, her sister did not. Her sister’s daughter was able to do some minor ritual magic, but had no skill for channeling. Regina’s neice’s eldest son, however, showed all the signs of a full wizard, so she took him in when he was twelve to begin his training.

Regina is naturally stand-offish, so she did not have a family of her own before Simon became her apprentice. The boy was charming, she’d give the rascal that, and he grew on her. Despite an irritating habit of referring to her as “Auntie Gina” instead of any form of address that implied any sort of reverence or respect for her authority and position, she did become quite fond of the boy. She would not go so far as to say he was the son she never had, but she loved him in her own way.

Now if only he would quit that ridiculous show and act like a proper wizard, she might even be proud of the man he became. She did have hopes that he’d get over it as he gained in age and wisdom, but so far he was quite beyond reason on the subject, so she tended to just huff and sigh at the antics of the young when her associates of the White Council brought it up.

She didn’t think her apprentice’s queer habits would prevent her from earning a seat on the Senior Council, and as long as that remained the case, she had the patience to wait out her great-nephew’s childishness.

Regina Pierce

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