Happy Hannah's Helicopter Rides
Aspect: High Flying Fun
Face:  Hannah Young

Hannah Young bought the small airfield just outside the city five years ago and has been catering to the tourists of Vegas ever since. She has a few pilots working for her and is getting by, but not with much profit. High flying fun for the whole family!

Silver Saddle Inn
Aspect: Non-discernment Guarenteed!
Face: Nick Gianopoulos

Rustic hotel / bar / buffet with the loosest slots kind of near the strip. Once a fancy western-themed mini casino the Sliver Saddle now just has slot machines and serves as a hotel/boarding house. It's cheap rates and struggling atmosphere attracts a collage of the down-trodden, cheapskate tourists, 2nd rate acts, and those looking to keep under the radar… and Calixstus (Room 311 PS: Please fix the sink this week. I mean it, Nick. Tying a rag around the faucet is NOT fixing it).

Excalibur Career Service
Aspect:  We make freaks fit
Face: Andre Defoe

A  narrow, round 8-story glass and steel office building on a street just parallel to the strip. The second floor hosts the Dragon's Den nightclub where professionals of all types mingle and live it up. Above the nightclub are multiple offices run by individual both human and… not-so-human. The folks at Excaliber walk a fine grey line in serving as a place where humans in-the-know and supernaturals may come to arrange employment in each others institutions. Excaliber feels some individuals are just meant for certain industries and that select business owners being aware of the strengths and hazards of potential employees can make most accommodating arrangements and prevent issues. 

Excaliber has success stories such as the Rat-man sewer worker (taking the night shift solo, naturally), the Ghost-speaker coroner, the witch bartender at Ceasar's Palace, multiple stage and freakshow acts, the succubus twins at the escort service, the werewolf bounty hunter, the human janitor at the vampire lounge (under strict contract not be bit or otherwise injured or slain), the mage with molecular-deceleration disorder down at the DMV, and the many human "HR" liaisons working with business owners to help clients find work.

The Golden Goose Hotel and Casino
Aspect: Glitz and Gild
Face: Max Walbert

The Golden Goose Hotel and Casino: Owned by Max Walbert (Max's son Tony is the guy in charge of booking entertainment and is Simon's boss). This is a casino and hotel on the main strip, but it's not as large or famous as some of the other ones like the Bellagio. It still does decent business. Simon lives in one of the rooms here.

Samaritans United Church
Aspect: A true neighbor to those in need
Face: Pastor Walter Everett

A small, non-denominational, church dedicated to outreach into the Las Vegas community. Normal services are Sunday morning at 10:00, Wednesday evenings are youth events in the small gymnasium. They are always looking for volunteers or other help for their work in the local shelters and job placement programs.



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